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Vieo Zinc Standing Seam Roof – Norwich Estates, Apartment Block

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vieo-zinc-standing-seam-roofEcoply Uk Ltd were contracted to supply and install a Vieo zinc standing seam roofing system for this new build block of flats in Anglia square, Norwich.

Due to the height and size of this roof Materials had to be craned to the roof. The sheets were over 13 meters in length. This was a cold roof design so we had allow for cross flow ventilation underneath the plywood deck. We did this using special vent’s around the ridge and verges, and a mesh at the eaves to the underside of the sheet overhang into the metal gulley. We used a pvc laminated metal for the gulley’s, which are heat welded at every join, creating a continuous membrane.

The sheets are fixed using a sliding clip system which are hidden by the overlapping seam. The seams are then crimped together using a specialist crimping tool.

We used the same material for the fascia’s around the entire roof. EcoPly also provided the labour for the fitting of the fibre cement board soffits.

This was a great project to be involved with and we are looking forward to being involved in the next stage of this prestigious development.

Another quality installation from EcoPly UK Ltd

Single Ply Flat Foof – Rushden, Northants

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single-ply-rushdenEcoPly UK Ltd were contracted to remove this customers old conservatory roof and replace with a new timber flat roof structure with a Protan single ply membrane roof and two Velux roof lights.

When the customer contacted us, she said she couldn’t use the room due to the glass shattering in places and it being too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter. So we got to work striping the old conservatory roof off. Luckily they had masonry walls either side which allowed us to fit an RSJ across the eaves to support the new roof structure. We then provided them with a single ply warm roof system with 150mm of insulation. Two new Velux roof lights were fitted as well, allowing the customer to keep light in the room. The roof drains into a hidden gulley at the eaves. We fitted new UPVC fascia’s and downpipe. We also completed the internal works as well including plastering and decorating. They now have a room they can use all year round. They received a manufacturer backed warranty for the roof system and an insurance backed warranty from EcoPly UK Ltd.

Single Ply Flat Roof – Tonbridge Wells, Kent

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single-ply-tunbridge-wellsEcoply UK Ltd were contracted to provide a single ply warm roof system for this small extension to the rear of this property that was undergoing renovation. There wasn’t much room for the installation team to move on this one due to it being so small and a big roof light in the middle.

First a vapour control layer was applied and then 120mm of foil backed insulation was mechanically fixed to the existing timber deck. We created a shallow gulley against the house wall which the water drains into and then out of a through wall outlet. Then we installed the single ply system creating a completely water proof membrane that was dressed up and over the parapet walls. The installation was very fast taking only one day to complete. This system came with a 15 year manufacturer backed warranty.

Another quality installation from Ecoply UK Ltd